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Handcrafted Log Homes & Interiors

At CHALET Log Homes, we are proud to say we build handcrafted log homes using logs in their purest, most natural form. We do not use milled logs, where each log is a carbon copy of the next. Rather, each log in handcrafted log homes is as unique, in itself, as a snowflake. Why change what nature has already perfected?

CHALET Log Homes always incorporates the original and traditional handcrafted methods as built hundreds of years ago with the most modern technology available on the marketplace by selecting only the finest European Fir tree logs from the heart of the renowned Carpathian mountains with average diameters ranging from 35 cm up to 60 cm. 

In essence… we deliver a log home that does not compete with the natural beauty of a forest or a mountain, but rather complements and reflects its chosen surroundings.

CHALET Log Homes team of experienced architects, builders and interior designers having more than 15 years of design and construction experience can deliver to your unique specifications and interests such as a mountaintop ski chalet, lake side cabin, office building, resort development or your very own customized dream log home designed and built to your specific and exact needs.

Please contact us to arrange a consultation and it will be our pleasure to answer your questions in order to deliver the best solution built for your uniques needs.


Vitaliy Dulkay (General Manager)
tel.: +38 067 310 2696

Representative for Eastern Europe
Slovakia, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary

Representative for Asia and East

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